Assessment Tools

Voiding/Fluid Record– Intake and Output

A 3-day, hourly fluid intake and urine output record developed by the Toronto Best Practice Implementation Steering Committee.

CHALLENGING BEHAVIOURS: Cohen-Mansfield Agitation Inventory

Taken from RNAO’s Caregiving Strategies for DDD BPG, Appendix S, page 173.

Voiding/Intake and Output Record

A 24- hour fluid intake and output recorded with a dehydration scale adopted by the IC-5 project in Ontario.

Indwelling Catheter Insertion Record

A record for catheter monitoring developed by the Toronto Rehabilitation Institute.

RAI-MDS Complementary Resident Assessment

A urinary continence assessment that complements the Resident Assessment Instrument-Minimum Data Set (RAI-MDS) assessments. For use with residents who trigger the Continence Resident Assessment Protocol (RAP) or where a more detailed continence history is required.

PAIN: Pain Assessment in Advanced Dementia (PAINAD)

A validated pain assessment tools to help determine pain location, intensity etc. Taken from RNAO’s Caregiving Strategies for DDD BPG, Appendix Q, pages 168-171.

PAIN: Abbey Pain Scale

Scale for measurement of pain in people with dementia who cannot verbalize. Source: Dementia Care Australia Pty Ltd. Website: Abbey, J; De Bellis, A; Piller, N; Esterman, A; Giles, L; Parker, D and Lowcay, B. Funded by the JH & JD Gunn Medical Research Foundation 1998 – 2002.

PAIN: Facial Grimace & Behaviour Checklist Flow Charts

Taken from the RNAO BPG Assessment and Management of Pain with Supplement, page 108.

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