Implementing and sustaining evidence-based practices in long-term care.

Intra-Professional Collaborative Practice among Nurses

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    The goal of this best practice guideline is to strengthen collaborative practice among nurses, because effective collaborative practice is essential for working in health-care organizations.

    In this guideline, we focus on collaborative practice amongst three types of nursing professionals – registered nurse (RN), registered practical nurse (RPN) and nurse practitioner (NP) – and explore what fosters healthy work environments for them, aware that collaboration must align with the needs of the patient or client.

    This best practice guideline was developed to assist nurses, nursing leaders, other health professionals and senior managers to enhance positive outcomes for patients/clients (individual/family/group/community), nurses, and the organization through intra-professional collaborative practice. This guideline was based on the best available evidence and where evidence was limited, the best practice recommendations were based on the consensus of expert opinion.

    This guideline identifies:

    • best practices for intra-professional practice; and
    • the organizational culture, values and relationships, and the structures and processes required, for developing and sustaining effective intra-professional nursing practice among nurses.

    Reference: Registered Nurses’ Association of Ontario (2016). Intra-professional Collaborative Practice among Nurses. Toronto, ON, Canada:

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    Intraprofessional Gap Analysis

    Organizational assessment tool to assist with implementation and evaluation of the RNAO Intra-professional Collaborative Practice among Nurses BPG by comparing current practice to evidence-based practice. Source: Registered Nurses' Association of Ontario's Long-Term Care Best Practices Program, Toronto, ON.

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    An online “Mind Tools” article outlining 10 common communication mistakes

    Reference: Mind Tools.(ND)10 Common Communication Mistakes Avoiding Communication Blunders and Misunderstandings Retrieved from website:

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    This article shows 10 ways for nurse managers to improve staff morale using little or no cost with constraints in operating budgets in healthcare workplaces.

    Reference: 10 cost-effective and creative tips to boost staff morale. Retrieved from

    © 2016 Strategies for Nurse Managers, Inc. All Rights Reserved

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    The website gives an overview on the four values and set of standards for accreditation for long-term care services.

    Reference: Accreditation Canada (n.d.). Accreditation standards for long term care services. Retrieved from

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    The guide is an important tool for improving performance and job satisfaction through role modelling programs for nurses.

    Reference: Canadian Nurses Association. (October 2004). Achieving Excellence in Professional Practice: A Guide to Preceptorship and Mentoring. Retrieved from

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    The website of the College of Nurses of Ontario provides Information about the requirements and process of becoming a Registered Nurse, Registered Practical Nurse and Nurse Practitioner practising within Ontario for Ontario applicants, Canadian Applicants, International applicants and for nurses to enter CNO's Extended Class.

    Reference: College of Nurses of Ontario (nd). Become a Nurse. Retrieved from

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    The article outlines the benefits of coaching to produce better results by looking at a coaching technique to help the reader become a better coach.

    Reference: Haughey, D. (2014). Better Coaching using the GROW model. Project Smart. Retrieved from

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    This article describes the results of a consultation facilitated during the June 2017 CNA annual meeting of members. It outlines some of the opportunities nurses have to provide input into future CNA initiatives on strengthening intra-professional collaboration.

    The goals of the consultation were to; present an overview of the Canadian research on intra-professional collaboration; explore issues found in the research, and identify possible strategies to support collaborative practice among regulated nurses.

    Reference: Lankshear, S., & Limoges, J. (2018). Better together: A fresh look at collaboration within nursing. The Canadian Nurse, (Jan/Feb). Retrieved from

    Source: Copyright ©, Canadian Nurses Association, 50 Driveway, Ottawa, Ontario, K2P 1E2 CANADA, 2010-2011 all rights reserved

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    This Ted Talk speaks to a great team-building collaborative exercise. A simple team-building activity including spaghetti, some tape and a marshmallow can teach you about your team.

    Reference: Wujec, T. Build a Tower, Build a Team TED Talk Retrieved September 12,2016 from