Implementing and sustaining evidence-based practices in long-term care.

Delirium, Dementia and Depression and Responsive Behaviours

  • By: Rebecca de Witte, RN, RNAO Long-Term Care Best Practice Coordinator

    Faith Manor, Holland Christian Homes, Brampton

    As the elevator doors open, a woman in a formal brown blazer greets me, her hair neatly pinned back. Marie is 93 years of age. She has a vibrant...

  • By: Jessica Abraham RPN, Behavioural Support Nurse, Janet Iwaszczenko, Executive Director and Sue Bailey RN, RNAO LTC Best Practice Coordinator

    Bloomington Cove Care Community, Stouffville

    Picture a long-term care home in a rural setting where all residents have...

  • By: Janet Iwaszczenko, Executive Director, Bloomington Cove Care Community

    Bloomington Cove Care Community, Stouffville

    Bloomington Cove Care Community is home to 113 residents in rural Stouffville. It is the only licensed long-term care home in Ontario solely...